Texcare Video series

In the run-up to Texcare International 2021, we talk to industry associations and leading manufacturers about the economic situation in the sector and top issues such as digitalization, hygiene and the circular economy.

„I do believe that Covid is a tremendous accelerator”, says Riccardo Mazzolini, General Manager TID, Datamars. Find out more in his video message.

"Textile services simply have the right business model for the future issues of hygiene and sustainability," says Andreas Schumacher, Managing Director of the German Textile Cleaning Association. Find out in the interview how the industry is prepared for the future. 

Tina Kannegiesser, CEO Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH on the major trends in the textile care industry

Elgar Straub, Managing Director VDMA on the situation in the textile care industry and Texcare International 2021

Johannes Schmid-Wiedersheim, Director Texcare, sets the mood for Texcare International and introduces the Texcare video series.