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20 – 24.6.2020

Top subjects at Texcare International

Industry 4.0 will be a key factor at the coming Texcare International. Intelligent networking of machines and product flows optimises processes, saves energy and changes the occupational profile. Digitalisation is the common denominator of the top subjects at Texcare that, in addition to Industry 4.0, include sustainability, modern functional textiles and professional development.


Industry 4.0 – intelligently networked

Many processes in modern industrial laundries and dry cleaners are already fully automatic. These processes can be further optimised by machinery and plant linked in ‘SmartFab’ terms and capable of exchanging information not only with each other but also with an enterprise resource planning system. For example, there could be an ‘intelligent wardrobe’ to regulate the laundry process at the customer’s.


Discover sustainability

Energy and resource efficiency continue to play a vital role in modern textile care. How can water, electricity and heat consumption be further reduced and intelligently controlled? In the textile-service field, sustainability is becoming a new quality feature along the entire value chain – from cotton growing to bed sheets in the hotel.

Interview with Martin Swierzy, Vice President WIRTEX

Textile services define themselves as 'sustainable by their very nature'. How do they come to earn this promising distinction?

Networks make sustainability the winner

A textile’s sustainability is determined on the one hand by its manufacture, but above all by its usage stage.

Funktionen erhalten und erneuern

Maintaining and renewing functions

The demands on personal protective clothing and equipment are growing continuously. In addition to coatings, garments include sensors and electronic components that can, for example, warn of poisonous smoke or measure the wearer’s body temperature. Making highly complex functional clothing is a top subject at Texcare for manufacturers, research institutes and at the Texcare Forum.

Modernes Berufsbild schaffen

Creating a modern occupational profile

The recruitment of qualified young people is an important subject for the sector. New aspects, such as functional-textile cleaning or digital networking create new occupations in the textile-care sector. What impact are these new features having on training and university courses? How can career changes be given an opportunity? Answers to these and many other questions will be discussed at the Texcare Forum.

Interview with Katrin Rasch

Today’s trainees – tomorrow’s skilled personnel. The dual training systems as the launching pad for a career in the textile-care trade.

Further details about these subjects will, of course, be available from the exhibitors of Texcare International and at the Texcare Forum. During the run-up to Texcare, we will keep you posted via specialist articles and interviews, which will be published under these headings.